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Washing Your Face with Water Alone: Is it Enough?

Washing Your Face with Water Alone: Is it Enough?

Many kids and tweens don’t start washing their face until they see the first signs of acne or blackheads forming. By then they may already feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in their own skin. Developing the habit of washing your face when you’re younger has benefits including assisting in forming a skincare routine for the rest of your life.

Having a clean face can also make you feel refreshed, calm and energized after a long day of play, school or sport. Throughout the day the skin on your face becomes covered in bacteria, pollutants, dirt, dead skin cells as well as face paint and special occasion make up! Without washing your face with a gentle cleanser your skin can develop layers of dirt and dead skin cells which block your pores resulting in acne, dryness, or irritation. Your skin could also look dirty, oily, and become itchy over time. 

Soap and water alone is not sufficient for tweens, particularly if they are experiencing early signs of puberty. Soap is drying on skin, which can lead to spots and irritation and water alone will not remove dirt build up in pores.

Not all skincare products are created equal, and most of the cleansers you see aren’t made for kids. At Kids Care Co we worked with a specialist Australian skincare team to create a face wash designed for tweens. 


Our Gentle Face Cleanser is a foaming cleanser which is lightweight, anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory cleanser, so it can stop blemishes and reduce the redness of any blemishes that have come to the surface. 

Our Gentle Face Cleanser also contains dynamic Australian native ingredients which provide natural hydration and balance to the skin. All Australian Made. 



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