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The Value of a Tween Skin Routine

The Value of a Tween Skin Routine

Many of us as adults wish our parents had discussed with us the benefits of developing skincare habits from an early age. We want to encourage a good skincare routine for our children during their early years to get them on their way to healthy, glowing tween and teen skin.

During these formative years we should be talking to our children first about beauty coming from within. No amount of makeup or clothing will make them feel confident if they are not taught to love their personalities and differences. However, helping them acknowledge their natural beauty on the outside can enhance self-esteem.

Where to Begin?

Children around the tween and teen ages are becoming more independent and therefore a simple skincare routine twice a day is a good starting point for healthy skin.

Soap and water alone is not sufficient for tweens, particularly if they are experiencing early signs of puberty. Soap is drying on skin, which can lead to spots and irritation and water alone will not remove dirt build up in pores.

We also want to make sure the skincare our children are using is safe and gentle for their sensitive tween and teen skin. Kids Care Co.’s Gentle Everyday Cleanser and Moisturiser have been specifically formulated for young, sensitive skin so will not strip the skin of its natural oils.

A Little Bit of Routine

Just like brushing your teeth or hair, starting a routine can take a bit of time and practise. A simple skincare routine is all that is needed for a tween when getting ready for the day and before bed.

Step 1. Washing the face with Clean Feels Gentle Cleanser and warm water.

Step 2. Pat skin dry with a towel being careful not to rub the face.

Step 3: Follow up with Fresh Feels moisturiser.

Step 4: In the morning apply sunscreen.

These steps can be undertaken by tweens on their own for their growing independence or with a loved one.

If you are going through the steps with a tween you may consider starting a conversation about skin and hygiene and explain what the products do, why they should use them daily, and the consequences of taking good care of their skin.

Fact: More than Products Alone

When you encourage good skincare habits, your children will see and feel the benefits now and into adulthood. Healthy skin can make a big difference, and it’s never too late to teach your children how to care for and maintain their skin.

As your children get older, there are factors beyond face products that contribute to clear and healthy tween and teen skin. Maintaining a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting adequate sleep are just as important as a skincare routine.

Beyond the skincare routine they establish, there are several things young people can do to maintain and improve their skin’s overall health. A few of these simple habits include:

  • Washing pillowcases regularly.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Remove makeup before bed.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet
  • Tempting as it may be, don’t pick or pop pimples!

Growing up in a world of social media is difficult enough, so why not give young people a head start by introducing simple skin care now. When they are adults they are likely to thank you for it.


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