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Skincare Tips for Tweens Made Easy

Skincare Tips for Tweens Made Easy


Skincare Health for Tweens need not be complicated. Tweens do not need a whole bag of products to use on their sensitive skin. A simple routine and some small tips can mean the difference between a clear face or one full of spots or blemishes.

What are our five top tips?

Wash Your Hands

Keeping your hands clean and away from your face is an essential part of keeping tween skin clear. When we touch our face we transfer bacteria from our hands to our skin. This can lead to irritation, redness and acne. Hand washing is particularly important right before you wash your face.

Wash your face daily

Each day dirt, pollutants, bacteria and dead skin cells build up on skin. To clear all that away you need more than water alone. Using a proper cleanser will unclog pores so there is less likelihood of irritation, acne and dryness occurring.

Moisturiser everyday

Moisturising goes hand in hand with cleansing. Even when you use a gentle cleanser, your face may still feel dry in some spots. When using moisturiser, only a small amount is required and skin will feel less flaky, soft, smooth and hydrated.

Kids Care Co’s light face moisturiser is non greasy and oil and fragrance free.

Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen all year round is vital to ensure your skin’s safety from discolouration and the potential of skin cancer developing in later life.

Wash Face Towels

If a face towel is being used to assist with the removal of cleanser ensure it is washed every 1-2 days.

These five simple tips are easy to maintain and can be carried forward into teen and adult life. Also remember that skin health is fun!


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