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Skin Cleansing for Tweens

Skin Cleansing for Tweens

Getting into a routine of regular Skin Cleansing for Tweens is really beneficial for maintaining healthy looking and feeling skin as a Teen.

Removing Dirt and Build Up

Washing your face with a cleanser removes dirt, oil and other unwanted debris from your face including bacteria and pollutants. Daily face washing removes these impurities and enables skin to maintain a proper level of hydration. Without hydration skin can feel dry, rough and irritated.

Maintaining Clear Skin

Excessive dirt build up on the surface of the skin can cause oil and sweat blockages on the skin which can result in inflammation, spots and acne. Cleansing also helps maintain proper pore size as Tweens enter their Teens.

How To Choose the Right Cleanser?

The skin of a young person is fundamentally different from that of an adult. Children’s skin is more sensitive, has a thinner surface and tends to lose more water as compared to adults. Given these differences, proper care must be taken when choosing skincare products for your Tween.

Experts recommend that soap not be used as a facial cleanser because soap can strip the skin of its surface natural barrier.  Choosing a cleanser that has been specifically formulated for young people is the best option and botanical ingredients are the key as they are naturally gentle and balancing. 

Our cleanser is aloe vera based and includes coconut oil which is one of the best ingredients for healthy, glowing skin. We also use unique Australian ingredients which naturally strengthen and hydrate the skin, clear pore blockage and can assist with the reduction of skin redness.

Our Tip

Place a bottle of Kids Care Co Gentle Face Cleanser in the shower. It will eventually become part of your Tweens routine like washing their body and hair and brushing their teeth !

*Australian Made

*Vegan Ingredients

*Our products are not tested on animals


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