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Kids and Winter Skin: Top Tips

Kids and Winter Skin: Top Tips

Children's skin is especially sensitive to Winter's temperatures and indoor heat, which can make skin on the face feel dry, itchy and irritated. Colder weather can be especially difficult for those with eczema.  

A healthy skin barrier is the body's defence against the outside world, protecting your child from everything from bacteria to irritants such as the sun or pollutants. Winter's temperatures challenge the barrier’s ability to function and skin flare ups can occur.

Parents can assist their children to build or maintain a healthy face skin barrier with these tips below which are helpful for anyone whose skin is even mildly dry or sensitive:

1. Don't Use Soap on Your Face

Young people should cleanse their face with a soap-free product to avoid stripping the skin's natural oils. A Gentle Face Cleanser removes layers of dirt and dead skin cells which block pores resulting in acne, dryness, or irritation. 

Soap and water alone is not sufficient for tweens, particularly if they are experiencing early signs of puberty. Soap is drying on skin, which can lead to spots and irritation and water alone will not remove dirt build up in pores.

Also, skip bubble baths as the detergents in these products dry out skin. 

2. Reconsider Bath- time Routines

When washing your face, the water should be tepid. Hot water stimulates nerve endings which can then irritate the skin, resulting in the skin feeling itchy and dry.

It is recommended that after washing skin be patted with a towel. Rubbing the skin can cause irritation.

3. Moisturise

Moisturiser is a must to combat dryness. Hydration is essential for healthy skin and can provide a great deal of protection against external elements. A good daily moisturiser helps to protect young skin from the environment, it acts as a preventative against acne and enhances the natural health and radiance in young skin.

For young people, it is recommended that a moisturiser be fragrance free so as not to cause irritation. 

Check out Kids Care Co's Cleanser and Moisturiser Bundle. Made in Australia with nourishing Australian Botanicals. 


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