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Sleep and Children's Skin Health

Sleep and Children's Skin Health

 “Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together.”

Thomas Dekker

As adults, we understand the benefits of getting enough sleep and how we feel when we don’t. Aside from being irritable and in need of at least three cups of coffee, our skin can look blotchy and grey.

Lack of sleep can also affect our moods, concentration and energy levels.

Benefits of Tweens Getting Enough Sleep

It is recommended by experts that Tweens receive between 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Achieving this can be tricky between homework, after school sports and general sleeping struggles, however the benefits can include:

  • being more able to make positive decisions
  • feeling more energetic during the day
  • a higher concentration on tasks for longer
  • better problem-solving abilities
  • the creation and maintenance of good relations with others

What About Tween Skin?

Poor sleeping habits in Tweens can contribute to acne, slower skin recovery time, swollen eyes and dark circles.

  • While Tweens are unlikely to worry about swollen eyes or dark circles, this may become an issue as they enter their teenage years.
  • During periods of sleep your skin’s job is to rejuvenate, heal and replenish. When Tweens do not receive enough sleep things like dry patches, sunburn or other skin issues may take longer to heal.
  • Dermatologists have linked poor sleep quality and sleep fatigue to skin issues such as acne.

Positive effects of healthy sleeping habits for skin include skin protection, clearing of pores and overall glowing and healthier skin. 

Night time Skincare Routine

Wind down with a relaxing simple skincare routine will benefit Tweens’ skin and promote good sleeping habits.

A simple skincare routine for Tweens consists of using a Cleanser and Moisturiser.

  1. Tween Cleanser

It feels great to wash away the dirt, oil and sunscreen from your face after a long day. A gentle cleanse will allow skin to breathe while Tweens are sleeping.

Kids Care Co’s Gentle Face Cleanser (Clean Feels) is the perfect choice. It’s soft, hydrating and refreshing for all skin types, and the foamy consistency provides the ultimate cleanse. Using this cleanser for your Tweens skincare every night will help them maintain an even complexion and avoid breakouts.

  1. Relaxing Moisturiser

Moisturiser is the final step to leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

Kids Care Co’s Light Face Moisturiser (Fresh Feels) is oil and fragrance free and free from parabens, synthetics and other harmful ingredients. It is also naturally nourishing through Australian botanicals including Kakadu Plum and Snowflower.

Additional tip

Wash your bedding and pillowcases weekly to ensure that bacteria, dirt and oil do not contribute to skin irritations or blemishes.

You also may like to consider silk and satin pillow cases as they allow the skin to breathe and as an added bonus are wonderful for hair.

Each child will have their own bedtime routine which suits their individual needs. However, understanding the importance of a night skincare routine and the benefits of sleep will help Tweens wake up with clear skin and a happy smile.


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