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Bedtime Tips for Tweens

Bedtime Tips for Tweens

SLEEP, we know we all need it but sometimes it doesn't come to us or our Tweens as easily as we would like. Experts recommend that Tweens receive between 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Between homework, after school sports and sleeping struggles achieving this can at times be tricky.

So what are our tips for your Tween to achieve a good night’s rest?

  • Create a sleep-friendly and safe environment

Creating a peaceful bedroom can certainly assist your Tween to unwind from their busy day. How this is created will depend on your individual Tween, however  you may like to consider soft sheets, ensuring a cool room temperature, breathable pyjamas, a night light if needed or block out curtains if your Tween prefers a very dark room or an essential oil spray such as lavender. 

Our additional tip is using a satin pillow case. Satin pillowcases are cooling in Summer and wonderful for skin and hair as they are smooth and non- abrasive. They also feel soft and luxurious.


  •  Relaxation/ De-stress

When your Tween goes to bed feeling worried, stressed or has racing thoughts their quality of sleep is affected.  Here are some simple relaxation techniques that we have come up with (and tried) to relax the mind and body:

    • calming music,
    • cutting screen time down before bed,
    • a calming hot drink,
    • stretching and/or yoga;
    • giving your child a stress ball.
* For some Tweens professional assistance may be required. 
    •   Hungry ?

    Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether your Tween is actually hungry or stalling bedtime. If they haven't finished their dinner and are requesting a snack there are some foods which can actually help them get to sleep. Here are a few:

      • banana (the potassium serves as a muscle relaxant)
      • peanut butter (rich in protein)
      • oats (rich in melatonin) 
      • cheese and crackers (protein)
      • eggs (can make you sleepy due)
    • Hot Shower or Bath Before Bed

    Studies show a hot shower or bath before bed causes drowsiness because we feel sleepy as our body temperature drops. For the same reason, the ideal temperature for a Tweens bedroom overnight is cool but not cold (about 20°c).

    • Night-time Skincare Routine

    Winding down with a relaxing simple skincare routine can benefit Tweens’ skin and promote good sleeping habits.  It feels great to wash away the dirt, oil and sunscreen from your face after a long day. A gentle cleanse allows skin to breathe while Tweens are sleeping. If pores are clogged up spots and blemishes can occur. 

    Kids Care Co’s Gentle Face Cleanser (Clean Feels) is the perfect choice because it is soft, hydrating and refreshing for all skin types, and the foamy consistency provides the ultimate cleanse.

    Moisturiser is the final step to leaving skin smooth and hydrated before a nights sleep. Kids Care Co’s Light Face Moisturiser (Fresh Feels) is oil and fragrance free and free from parabens, synthetics and other harmful ingredients. It is also naturally nourishing through Australian botanicals including Kakadu Plum and Snowflower.

    Each child will have their own bedtime routine which suits their individual needs. However, the benefits for Tweens in receiving their optimal hours of sleep include:

    • being more able to make positive decisions
    • feeling more energetic during the day
    • a higher concentration on tasks for longer
    • better problem-solving abilities
    • the creation and maintenance of good relations with others
    • clearer skin: poor sleeping habits in Tweens can contribute to acne, slower skin recovery time, swollen eyes and dark circles.

    So, try these simple hints to help your Tween wake up with a clean, clear skin and a happy smile!






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